18 thoughts on “HOW TO JOIN Swissgolden and Make Money in 2017 | Swissgolden SignUp/Registration in Nigeria”

    1. Hi Praise,... After getting your 2 downlines, your downlines have to get their own 2 downlines each (this will give a total of 7 people in your team)!

      Swissgolden will only pay you when you have a team of 7 members. So, no - You will not be paid after you get your two referrals! Your table must be complete first.

  1. Good day. I am curious to find out if after getting your two downlines to register, you will still not earn even once? I assumed the last two earnings would b delayed not all three. Does that mean if your main table of seven is not complete, nobody on that table will earn even a single time? Please make me understand. Thank you

    1. That's correct! You only receive your first ever payment when you have a total of 6 people under you (both direct and indirect referrals).

      1. I have registered using you referral link. O don't like Al those referral networking. Can one just buy the gold directly and waited for some time to appreciate? Thanks.

    2. Hi Abdulmalik, it is really nice you asked the question. the procedure is that once you have registered you have to circle out before you can earn. but we have another platform which is called the main table business. you register with 400k and once it gets to your number you earn. if you are interested reach me via my email for more info.

  2. We have a team that works. Invest with 450k with us on Swiss Golden and within 30 days you get credited with one million Naira (1 million). For more information call us on 09031811291.

    Thank you

  3. My team is one of the best in town! you earn 1 million within 30 days when you invest with 450k.
    we help with referrals to complete your table. call us today on 080-60-20-44-89

    1. The same amount you paid

      If you are suck in swissgolden if you wish to earn in swissgolden just call or whatsapp me 07035981605 so we can get to business SWISSGOLDEN MUST PAY US

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