Bitcoin Price: Live Bitcoin Exchange Rate | 1 btc-to-USD

Knowing and keeping up-to-date with the current (real-time) bitcoin-to-dollar exchange rate, is crucial information; to help you make better buying and selling (investment) decisions.

We have a plugin (widget), on our site; that gives you the Live rates of 1 bitcoin to U.S dollar.
This blog has got you covered!


  • Where to Locate the BTC-to-USD Plugin (Widget) on

If you’re browsing our site in Desktop mode, look at our (right-hand) sidebar. The bitcoin-to-dollar gadget, is easy to spot!

If you’re browsing our in the Mobile Web version,... Just keep scrolling down our page,... You’ll see the btc-to-USD live converter (as you scroll).

Note:  You’ll have to refresh the page, for minute-to-minute fluctuations.


  • How do I Convert from USD to my Local Currency?

We also got that covered!...

On our sidebar, you’ll also see a Live Currency-to-Currency Exchange rate Converter!

This means that, once you have checked the live BTC-to-Dollar rate from our sidebar,... You can then convert that USD value into our Live Currency-to-Currency Exchange Rate Converter; to convert to your country’s local currencies!

That widget, can convert from ANY currency to any other currency in the World!

  • The Live btc-to-usd converter, is powered by CoinDesk, is poised to serve all your bitcoin-related interests, and provide you with FREE information; that will make you grow your bitcoin passion!

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