BEST Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2017 - Earn Commissions in Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2017
The recent boom in the number of bitcoin users now means that more opportunities are available to make money with bitcoins!


Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2017 - Best bitcoin referral programs
How to make money with bitcoin


There are a number of bitcoin programs/services you could partner with and start earning affiliate commissions today (by referring new users to them). Some of such programs/services are;

Bitcoin online wallet providers, Bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin trading programs, Bitcoin escrow services, Bitcoin mining programs, Bitcoin Hardware wallet providers, Bitcoin advertising services, Bitcoin casino and dice programs, Bitcoin loan services, Buy Gold with bitcoin services; and so on!...

So, if you’ve been wondering, ‘How do I get bitcoins?’, or ‘How to make money with bitcoin?’, I will list the best bitcoin affiliate programs out there; that you could try out.


How do I actually earn from such programs/services?

Most bitcoin affiliate programs pay their affiliates with bitcoins, and the revenue is usually paid in a cost per action business model (CPA) or revenue share (RS) model.

Some pay you as little as 0.15% commission, while others pay a handsome 50% commission.

Alright, let’s get straight to the list…

Bitcoin Wallets Providers:

  • –, is a bitcoin exchange plus a bitcoin wallet provider
  • Coinbase – It's the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet. Once your referrals deposits at least 100$, you both will get $10.
  • BitWallet – an online bitcoin wallet and local trading platform gives 25% commission on trading fees.

Bitcoin Exchangers (Buy/Sell Bitcoins):

  • BitQuick – buy, sell bitcoin instantly for cash. Potential to earn 50% commission on each transaction.
  • CoinMama – buy bitcoins with a credit card or Western Union. Get 3% for your referrals first purchase.
  • Coinbase – it is the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet and bitcoin buying service. Once your referrals deposits at least 100$, you will get $10.
  • 247exchange – buy bitcoins and other digital currency. You get 30% fee of your referrals transactions.
  • VirWox – a place where you can buy bitcoins with PayPal. You will receive 20% of commissions paid by your referrals.
  • LocalBitcoins – buy and sell bitcoins near you. You earn 20% commission on trading fees.
  • Cryptex24 – a fast and reliable exchange service. You get 10% of the commission charged to the referred client.
  • ALFACashier – buy, sell & exchange bitcoin instantly. You will earn from 5% to 20% of the amount of any exchange operation performed by the referred user.
  • CleverCoin – buy, sell and store bitcoins. You make a commission of 20% on all the transaction fees and it goes 3 levels deep.
  • Uphold – financial platform where you can exchange between different currencies and bitcoin. You can earn up to $30 for every friend you refer.
  • Coinomat – bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange service. Default revenue share is 0.3% of user input.
  • CoinCorner – buy bitcoin with credit and debit card. Earn up to 25% per user for their ongoing trading.
  • Multisigna – advertises itself as an anonymous exchange. Get 30% of our commission for each completed order.
  • Celery – Celery is your secure online wallet & exchange for bitcoin. For every friend who signs up and completes a purchase, they’ll give you both $10.00.
  • XMLGold – this market offers 10% of their profit if the visitor comes to the website through your link and makes an exchange.
  • – e-currency exchanger. You will get 10-20% of their profit.
  • BitPanda – bitcoin to PayPal exchange. You will receive a 5% bonus on the collected service fee.
  • AnycoinDirect – buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Share your referral link and receive 0.10% of the purchase in the form of credits.
  • Bitpagos – electronic payments provider for Latin America. Get 0.15% fee for every person you refer.
  • Bitit – buy bitcoins with a gift card. Earn up to 20% of Bitit commission fee.
  • Coinmotion – when your friend registers and buys 0.5 bitcoin, you both get 0.01.
  • SpectroCoin – earn 10% from all fees paid by your referrals.
  • Indacoin – get 0.25% from every transaction when your referral buys bitcoin with cc without verification.


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Bitcoin Trading Programs | Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2017:

  • BitBay – trading platform – receive 20% of the commission charged to the users as trading fees.
  • Bitfinex – bitcoin trading platform. You will earn 10% of the fees your affiliates generate.
  • Cryptotrader – automated cryptocurrency trading bot software. 10% referral commission.
  • Exmo – earn 25% of the commissions on exchange transactions.
  • – bitcoin marketplace. Get 10% provision of the marketplace fee, that is charged from the referred user.
  • QuadrigaCX – bitcoin trading platform. Referral program pays 10% of all fees generated by your referrals.
  • HitBTC – virtual currency exchange. Get 20%-40% of all fees generated by your referrals.
  • Cryptonit – trade cryptocurrencies. You will get 33% of the commission they charge a trader.
  • BitPlutos – trade cryptocurrencies. You will get 25% of the commission they make.
  • 1Broker – participate in real-world markets directly with bitcoins. You earn 15% of the commissions/spreads from referred traders.
  • FXopen – a trading platform that will pay commissions for your affiliates and sub-affiliates several levels deep.
  • DSX – a digital securities exchange that has two-tiered revenue share commission structure to reward affiliates.
  • 500affiliates – is the official partners program of Plus500™ bitcoin CFD trading platform.
  • AVA Trade – gain commission on every trader that signs up with your unique link.
  • BTC Robot – is analyzing the prices in bitcoin exchange marketplaces to find profit opportunities. Affiliate commissions: 50% on every sale.
  • The Rock Trading exchange offers 0.05% on each trade made by your referred users.
  • Bit4X – bitcoin forex trading. Get up to 50% of trading commissions from sign-ups.
  • Magnr – bitcoin trading and savings account. They will pay you 20% of all trade fee commissions they make during their first year.
  • BTCbear – an international digital currency and cryptocurrency trading platform. Get 40% of your referees trading fees.
  • Whaleclub – anonymous trading powered by bitcoin. Get 50% of all commissions generated by your user forever.
  • BitBays – bitcoin arbitrage trading and fund. Receive 40% bonus on invited friends’ transaction fees.


Bitcoin Escrow Services | Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2017:

  • Escrow my Bits – simple escrow service. For each escrow transaction, you refer they give you 20% of what they make.
  • StrongCoin – the only bitcoin wallet with escrow baked in. Get 50% of fees they collect.


Bitcoin Mining | Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2017:

  • Genesis Mining – get upgrades just by inviting friends.
  • MinerGate – get up to 0.75% of your referrals profit.
  • NiceHash – get 0.15% of your referrals profit.
  • GigaHash – earn 5% in bitcoin by inviting your friends.
  • Eobot – earn 1% for every user who uses the software/miner and cloud.
  • Cloud Mining Website – get 5% of your referral orders.
  • SkyCoinLab – get 5% when your referrals purchase a contract.
  • HashFlare – the referral bonus is 10% of revenue from customers that you refer.
  • OXBTC – get 25% of your friend’s mining income in the first week.
  • MineOnCloud – get 1% reward for each order your friend place.


Bitcoin advertising services | Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2017:

  • CoinURL – bitcoin related advertising network. You receive 5% from ad purchases and 1% of publisher earnings.
  • Adverti – another bitcoin advertising network. Get paid 50% of what they make from the advertisers you refer.
  • BitTeaser – blockchain based ad network. Get 10% from the budget of new advertiser/webmaster.
  • Anonymous Ads – an advertising network that doesn’t collect personal data. You receive 10% from ad purchases.
  • BitClix – 100% bitcoin ad network. Earn 20% of all earnings from every publisher you refer.
  • BitMedia – a niche platform that allows bitcoin resource owners to buy/sell thematic traffic. Earn 3-10% of the referred advertiser.
  • BlockAdz – bitcoin banner advertising. Earn 5% of all publisher revenue for life.
  • Eadsy – easy advertising. Get 5% of every advertising campaign.


Bitcoin Hardware Wallets | Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2017:

  • Keepkey – a secure bitcoin wallet that is simple. Earn 10% commission on every sale you generate.
  • Trezor – bitcoin hardware wallet. Get 5%+ affiliate commissions.
  • Ledger Wallet – various hardware wallets. Earn 25% on each sale.

Bitcoin Casino and Dice | Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 2017:

  • mBitCasino – a place to play casino games with bitcoins. Payment to affiliates: 35%-50%.
  • Rollin – get 15% commission from every user, whether your players win or lose.
  • PrimeDice – you will forever receive 10% commission from every user you refer.
  • CakeBet – get 21% of the house edge for each bet your friend makes.
  • Anonibet – earn up to 1% with this bitcoin sportsbook and casino service.
  • DiceCoin – earn bitcoins by referring new players to dice. Regular affiliate commission is 10%.

Bitcoin loan Services:

  • BTCJam – earn up to $20 worth of bitcoin when referrals take out a loan or make an investment.
  • BitLendingClub – every time a person repays a loan you get 10% of the fees they collect.
  • BTCLend – you’ll get 0.5% of profit from your referrals.
  • BTCPop – earn 0.25-0.5% commission on all repaid loans.
  • BitBond – by referring new users you earn up to 50% fee.

Buy gold with bitcoin:

  • Goldmoney – buy gold with bitcoin. Get 0.1-4$ per new account.
  • Bitgild – buy physical gold with bitcoins. You get €3.00 for the first order and €1.00 for next orders.
  • Veldt Gold – online retailer of precious metals. Get $5 for any first sale and a fixed rate of 0.25% for all other sales.

Various bitcoin-related services:

  • and – anonymise your bitcoins. Receive 1/2 of fees they collect.
  • Jua – bitcoin savings account. You will be rewarded 0.1% interest of a person you refer.
  • HalleyBTC – bitcoin HYIP investment. Get 25% of your friend’s first week investment yields.
  • Bitconnect – bitcoin lending platform. Earn a commission every time your referral lends bitcoin on the platform.
  • e-coin – bitcoin debit card. Referral program is only available to users who own a card and they will share 10% of total gross margin with you on your referrals in the first year, and 5% thereafter.
  • Purse – offers buying bitcoins with gift cards and discount Amazon shopping. You and your friend will receive 0.01 BTC.
  • Cryptopay bitcoin debit card provider. You will get 10% revenue share on all the fees they charge.
  • store. 15% commission on all referrals for crypto merchandise.




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