The BEST Bitcoin Exchanger in Nigeria

When it comes to trust, authority and professionalism in the bitcoin exchange market in Nigeria, there are only a few companies that have passed all the criteria for excellence... In this post,... I will let you know about the Best bitcoin exchanger in Nigeria...

INTRODUCTION TO ZARFUND: How to Make Money With Zarfund

I’m going to introduce you to this revolutionary online system that allows you to hijack the power of bitcoins, to make a steady, predictable and guaranteed monthly income online! -

How to do a 'Provide Help (PH)', in MMM United - A Step-By-Step ULTIMATE GUIDE

Glad you asked... Because, it seems that, a lot of folks hit a roadblock at this stage after Signing Up to MMM United... Since all transactions carried out in MMM United is done via bitcoins, let me teach you how to use bitcoin(s) to transact! -

Introduction to Bitcoins

Bitcoin cannot be inflated artificially like traditional currency can: Therefore, it cannot be affected by external forces (such as Governments, banks etc)... Demand and supply, is the only factor that can cause a decrease in the value of bitcoins. But, the price always certainly floats back to expected rates every time! -

Introduction to Payoneer: How to SignUp for a FREE Payoneer Account, Get a MaterCard, and $25 Bonus

With a Payoneer account and MasterCard, you can make payments, receive payments or verify other accounts, using Payoneer. You can use this Card on any ATM machine in the world; where MasterCards are accepted! -

02 December, 2016

MMM Nigeria Registration: SignUp and Get 30% on the Amount of Help you Provide for 1 Month |

This Article, is Protected by International Copyright Law!... Any Unauthorized DUPLICATION, will be TAKEN-DOWN by Google!

[Disclosure]: Due to the nature of Uncertainty with anything that has to do with Forex, Bitcoins, or MMM,... NOSRWeb is advising you NEVER to invest HUGE Amounts of your money at once!


MMM Nigeria isn't a bank, MMM Nigeria doesn't collect your cash, MMM Nigeria isn't a web business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. MMM Nigeria is a community where folks facilitate one another.

MMM Nigeria provides you a technical platform that facilitates innumerable participants worldwide to find and connect with the people who would like to extend their helping hand just like yourself to other people in the community who are seeking timely help, and that too for FREE.

All transferred funds to different participants are DONATIONS and not investments.

You offer your moral gesture to help somebody in NEED and that’s absolutely GRATIS. If you're utterly sure about the basic concept and your actions and made up a decision with sound mind to participate, we kindly request you to dig more information, learn rules, read instructions and warnings first. In case you have more questions about this subject please do not hesitate to contact their support.

How to Register for MMM Nigeria |

So, you decided to participate in MMM Nigeria,... How to do that? It is simple! Just go directly with these points.

1. Register on the website.

2. Enter the Personal Office (PO).

3. There will be two big buttons: “Provide Help” and “Get Help”.

4. If you want to put your money, so click “Provide Help” and point the sum of money, you would like to put in the System. The minimal sum is $3.

5. You will get in the same moment Mavro in your PO, and they begin to grow with the rates of 30% per month.

(Mavro is only the currency inside the system.)

By the way You get mavro, but you cannot sell them, they will be under the status “Unconfirmed”, because You didn't transfer your money, you just decided to do that.

6. Then you will get the order with bank details of a man that you must transfer the money.
The order will also have the contact details of that man, so you can talk with him if you wish and make sure, that he is real and alive man, same as You are.

There is no central account in MMM Nigeria, to collect all the money of participants (and from where they could be stolen easily). All the money transfers are made directly between participants.
It means that everything is quite clear and honest. MMM Nigeria plays just a role as some kind of a dispatch, which connect the participants.

7. Transfer the money to that participant. He confirms the receive, and after that Your Mavro become “confirmed”. That's it! Now You can sell them at any moment, fully or in parts.

8. If you want to sell your Mavro, click “Get Help” and point the sum.

Another participant will get the order and he will transfer money to You, provide help. Same You did it before. But don't forget to confirm you money receive, after You get the money to Your bank account. (Not before! Beware of fraudsters!) Or the sender couldn't confirm his mavro.

9. You can take a look of PO and all this buttons "Provide Help" and "Get help" in the DEMO.

10. You can read detailed rules of system on the page "What is MMM".

We suggest you to participate with a small sum at the beginning, not critical for You, and go through the full process. From registration until you get the money. As time goes on, you'll begin to understand the system better!


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27 November, 2016

Is It Possible for Me to Provide Help (PH) With My Referral Bonus in MMM United?



You must withdraw the referral bonus into your bitcoin wallet first. Then, you can proceed to put it back in for a PH.

Condition for Withdrawing Your MMM United Referral Bonus:

If you have never Provided Help (PH) in MMM United before, you won’t be allowed to get help.
It is their simple rule!

You never Provided Help, you’ll never Get Help

To Do a PH:

  • You need to buy bitcoins and have it ready.

We recommend;


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How to Become a Guider on MMM United | MMMUnited Guider Application

This Article is Protected Under International Copyright Law!... ANY Unauthorized DUPLICATION, Will be TAKEN-DOWN by Google!

MMM Guider Application

NOSRWeb,... I Want to Become an MMM United Guider. How the Hell I’m I Suppose to go About the Application?

OK Mate,...

Before I begin, I must let you know the criteria for becoming an MMM United Guider.

CRITERIA: You must have 5 direct referrals and a team size of 10 participants. All the 10 participants must have PH confirmed!

To Apply: First, go to the MMM United homepage (don’t sign in)

Click the ‘NEWS’ tab on the left-hand Sidebar

Then,... Navigate to the last Page on the NEWS panel (you’ll see a link to the MMM United Guider Application form).

Why Not Just Give Me a Direct Link to the Form? Do you think I have Time to Waste?

Calm down dear,... 

OK... I’m on the MMM United Guider Application Form Page... Is there anything you want to Tell Me? Or you want me to Be Looking at You Somehow?


There are many fields you have to fill on the form before submission. They are;

  • Name (As Per System Record) – Compulsory
  • Email (As Per System Record) – Compulsory
  • Phone Number (As Per System Record) – Compulsory
  • Country (As Per System Record) – Compulsory
  • Skype – Compulsory
  • Facebook Profile Link (Compulsory)


  • You must ‘Like’ the Official MMM United Facebook Page (then tick the appropriate box to confirm that you did).
  • You must Give the MMM United Facebook Page a 5 Star rating, and write a Positive review. Then,... You take a Screenshot of your review, upload the Screenshot anywhere online (e.g, Your Facebook timeline,  blog, or Image hosting site); and then Submit the image’s URL on the MMM United Guider Application form.
  • You must create an MMM United Global Appeal Video - Record yourself either with your Webcam or a Video camera. 

How to Record the MMM United Global Appeal Video:

  • You must show your face and look directly into the Camera/Webcam (screencasts are not allowed)
  • Introduce yourself by mentioning your name and country.

N.B: You should hold a paper or cardboard with the inscription, ‘’ while recording yourself (not compulsory).

  • The video SHOULD NOT be more than one and half minutes long!
  • Start the video by greeting your viewers in your Country’s native language
  • Then, tell them about MMM United, how they should join the community and enjoy 100% Mavro on their ‘Provide Help’ donations etc (the main talk in your video should be in English).
  • Finally, greet them again in your Country’s native language.

Then, upload the video to Youtube with a title such as, ‘MMM United Global Appeal Video (*country*)’.

Next,... Submit the URL link of your YouTube video, on the MMM United Guider Application form
Tick the remaining boxes, and Click ‘SUBMIT’.

How Long Will it Take for My Application to be Accepted (in case I qualify?)

It takes at least, 10 days!

What da F**k!!!??!!



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26 November, 2016

Is it Possible to Withdraw My Referral Bonus Without Ever Providing Help in MMM United?

Can I GH without Ever PHing in MMMUnited?


According to MMM United,... You must have Provided Help (PH) at least once in the past, before you can even think of ‘Getting Help’ (i.e. withdrawing) your referral bonus for the first time.

But,... Why the Hell is it So?... Have You Tried it?

Yes mate,...

I’ve tried it!

Back when I first joined MMM United, I was broke.... I didn’t have any money (bitcoins) to use for my first PH.

So,... I opted to start referring people to MMM United thinking that I will be able to withdraw my referral bonus or at least, directly use my earned bonuses for a Provide Help.


When I marked my Confirmed (green) referral bonuses for withdrawal and proceeded to ‘Get Help’, I met a ‘dead-end’ message.

The message stated categorically that, I will not be able to withdraw (get help) since I haven’t done a ‘Provide Help’ in MMM United before.

So listen mate,... Listennnnn,

Forget it.

What Should I Do?

What you should do is,... Provide Help with the least amount of money allowed in MMM United (i.e. $10).

This will enable you to be able to withdraw your referral bonuses into your bitcoin wallet going forward.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoins Mate?

We recommend;

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23 November, 2016

The Best Bitcoin Exchanger in Nigeria (Highly Recommended)!

This Article, is Protected by International Copyright Law!... Any Unauthorized DUPLICATION, will be TAKEN-DOWN by Google!

When it comes to trust, authority and professionalism in the bitcoin exchange market in Nigeria, there are only a few companies that have passed all the criteria for excellence.

In this post,... I will let you know about the Best bitcoin exchanger in Nigeria.

The name of the company is, Naira4Dollar

Why Should I Buy or Sell Bitcoins on Naira4Dollar?

Though the benefits of buying or selling e-Currencies via Naira4Dollar are innumerable,... I will state the best ones;
  • Naira4Dollar is Nigeria’s leading and most trusted e-currency exchange company since 2006! They have gathered experience and expertise (more than any other exchanger in Nigeria)
  • Trade all e-Currencies: Naira4Dollar is not limited to bitcoin exchange alone!

On, you can also buy (or sell) Perfect Money, Web Money, Liberty Reserve, e-Gold and carry out Paypal and Alert Pay transactions.

Favourable Rates: Though their bitcoin buying price is a little bit high,... They have one of the most favourable bitcoin selling rates in the market.

This means that, once you keep earning bitcoin from various sources all over the internet, you are sure to bank home big from Naira4Dollar!

  • Naira4Dollar has a strong capital base. This has enabled them to exist since 2006; and still waxing stronger!

With naira4dollar, your funds are safe!

  • Naira4Dollar provides fast delivery (although I have not bought from them many times to confirm this)
  • Numerous Branch Offices: Many Nigerian e-Currency exchangers cannot boast of having multiple branch offices.

That’s where Naira4Dollar outshines them all. Because, they have offices at the following locations;

> 27 Idi-Ape Bus stop, Opp. Mr. Biggs, Along Iwo Road Ibadan (08094316652)

> Shop CA 10, TBS Auditorium, Car Park C TBS Onikan, Lagos (08097004002)

> Adedibu Complex Besides Total Filling Station Olusanya Bus Stop, Ring Road Ibadan (08035066921)

> 21 Aare Avenue Opp. Soup & Sauces New Bodija, Ibadan (08097004001)

>AP Filling Station complex, Opp. Sango Garage, Sango Ibadan (08034396552)

> Shop C28, Assets Corp Plaza, Opp. Medical Road, Awolowo Way Computer Village, Ikeja (01-4530770, 08097004003)

> King’s Plaza, 80 Adeniran Ogunsanya Opp. Access Bank, Surulere Lagos (08097004020)

Because they have many branch offices, you are not only limited to buying or selling your e-currencies through their website alone.

You can always visit any of their offices (to do your transactions in person)!

Their offices are open between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Saturday.


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21 November, 2016

Zarfund: How to Upgrade (Monthly Subscription) from One Zarfund Level to the Next - Step-By-Step Guide

This Article is Protected by International Copyright Law... ANY Unauthorized DUPLICATION, will be TAKEN-DOWN by Google!

How to Upgrade from one Zarfund level to the next

M’kay, people; gather round...

In today’s post, we’re going to be looking at, ‘How to upgrade from one level in Zarfund, to another.’
Whether you’re making your first payment (level 1 upgrade), upgrading from level 1 to level 2, upgrading from level 2 to level 3, upgrading from level 3 to level 4, upgrading from level 4 to level 5 or, from level 5 to level 6,... It’s pretty much the same procedure (bitcoin transfer).

M’kay,... Let’s start off mate...

In the Title of this Blog Post,... You Used, ‘Upgrade’ and ‘Monthly Subscription’ Inter-changeably... What?!!!! ... How the Hell are they Related to Each Other?

Oh that...

Look mate,... The answer is,...

There’s no difference. They basically mean the same thing in Zarfund.

Zarfund, is a monthly subscription platform.

When you first upgrade to level 1,... You are in fact making your first monthly subscription (payment) for that level.

Approximately 30 days later, the second monthly subscription payment will be due.
5 days prior to the due date, you’ll see a Green “Pay Now” button.

So,... Listen (*sneezes),

There is no real difference between Zarfund upgrade and Zarfund monthly subscription.

It’s just that, your very first payment is made through the, ‘Upgrade to Next Level’ button. And, all subsequent subscription payments are made through the ‘Pay Now’ button, for each level you have upgraded to. [1]

Is Zarfund World-Wide?

Of course, it is! Now, stop asking me off-topic questions will ya?

Right... Sorry Mate. M’kay, now... How the Hell do I go About Upgrading my Subscription in Zarfund?

Glad you asked that question mate...

Listen... Listennnnn,

Just like MMM United, all the payment (transactions) carried out on Zarfund, is done via bitcoins.
So, let’s go through the not so pleasant process of sending bitcoins (Zarfund upgrade).

Note: You have to open up multiple tabs on your browser. Because, you’ll be moving back and forth between Zarfund and your bitcoin wallet.

  • Step 1: Log into your Zarfund account. Right at the top of the homepage, you’ll see a, ‘Upgrade to Next Level’ or ‘Pay Now’ button (depending on what level you’re presently on)... Click the ‘Upgrade to Next Level’ or ‘Pay Now’ button. You’ll be taken to the upgrade window (page).

Zarfund: Member DASHBOARD Homepage

  • Step 2: On this Upgrade page,... scroll down a bit. You will see the details of the person you are to send bitcoin payment to (in order to be able to upgrade to the next level).

Also note the amount of bitcoin you’re to send to the person (recipient).

Go ahead and copy the bitcoin address of the person you’re to make payment to. A bitcoin address is somewhat like a bank account number. It enables us make or receive payment.

  • Step 3: Go to your bitcoin wallet account and send the payment to the recipient. If you don’t have bitcoin wallet yet then, open one now (I recommend or Coinbase).

For this tutorial,... I’m using Blockchain. So, log into your bitcoin wallet by Clicking on the ‘Wallet’ tab on the homepage.

  • Step 4: Click on the ‘Send’ button. Then, paste the bitcoin address of the recipient you copied from Zarfund, into the, ‘To:’ field of the Send dialogue box.

Under the ‘BTC’ field,... Type in or paste the amount of bitcoin you were told to send to the recipient (go back to your Zarfund upgrade page tab, to confirm the amount again).

Note: You’re to input only the numerical value. E.g, type in 0.03 into the ‘BTC’ box.

Below the ‘BTC’ field is the, ‘Description’ box. Now, you may choose to leave it empty.

Alternatively, just leave a little descriptive note in there. Something like, “”My level 1 (or 2,3,4,5,6) Zarfund Subscription Fee”

  • Step 5: Click on the ‘Next Step’ button.

I’ve Sent my Subscription Payment to the Assigned Recipient. Now What?

Even if you’ve successfully sent your upgrade payment, don’t end there!

You must proof that you were the person that actually made that payment.

To prove that you made the payment, you have to submit a long string of characters called the Transaction hash ID to Zarfund.

The Transaction hash ID (or transaction ID for short), is the payment confirmation mechanism for any bitcoin system. It’s like your bank receipt that shows that you infact, made a payment/deposit at a bank.

To get the Transaction Hash ID from your Bitcoin Wallet – Use Any of these TWO METHODS:

  • Step 1: Click on the ‘Transaction’ Menu on the left-hand Sidebar of

It will bring up all your bitcoin wallet transactions (your most recent transaction will be shown first). But, also make sure you check the amount of bitcoin linked to that transaction, to be sure it’s the right transaction you’re working with.

  • Step 2: Just below the transaction details,... You’ll see a ‘Confirm transaction’ link there. When you click that link,... It will take you to another page that shows you the Transaction Hash ID of that transaction.
  • Step 3: Copy the Transaction Hash ID.
  • Step 4: Go back to your Zarfund Upgrade Page (that same one containing the recipient’s details). Then, ‘Scroll down’ the page...

You’ll see two empty boxes where you are meant to enter the Transaction ID you just copied and also, the Exact amount of bitcoin you sent for that transaction.

Go ahead and paste the Transaction (hash) ID and amount of bitcoin sent, into their respective boxes (if you’ve forgotten the amount of bitcoin you sent, then scroll up that same page – the recipient’s details and amount of bitcoin is there).

  • Step 5: Click the ‘Submit’ button

This will confirm to Zarfund, that you’ve actually made the payment!


  • Step 1: Copy the recipient’s bitcoin address from your Zarfund upgrade page (the same one we used to send the recipient some bitcoin before).
  • Step 2: Go to the homepage. You’ll see two ‘Search Boxes’ there.

Paste the recipient’s bitcoin address into ANY of the search boxes, and Click, ‘Search’, is not only a bitcoin wallet website. It is also a Public Ledger that shows all the bitcoin transactions happening in real-time; around the world.

So, it is also capable of showing you the Transaction ID of all your bitcoin transactions!

The transaction ID is the one encircled in the red rectangle

  • Step 3: Copy the Transaction Hash ID (it is the one under the ‘most recent’ header)
  • Step 4: Go back to your Zarfund Upgrade Page (that same one containing the recipient’s details). Then, ‘Scroll down’ the page...

You’ll see two empty boxes where you are meant to enter the Transaction ID you just copied and also, the Exact amount of bitcoin you sent for that transaction.

Go ahead and paste the Transaction (hash) ID and amount of bitcoin sent, into their respective boxes (if you’ve forgotten the amount of bitcoin you sent, then scroll up that same page – the recipient’s details and amount of bitcoin is there).

  • Step 5: Click the ‘Submit’ button

This will confirm to Zarfund, that you’ve actually made the payment!

For Beginners Only: At this stage, after you’ve made your first payment,... Your referral link will be generated for you. Click the ‘Referral’ tab on the Left-hand Sidebar of your Zarfund account. Then, copy your referral link, and start promoting it.

Wow!... This is Really Helpful Mate. Can I Join Your Village Team?

Yeah... You can join my village team

And guess what?...

My ‘Village’ team is constantly getting referrals. Because, my articles are all over the internet! So, you’ll definitely get spill-over

Is there Anything Else You’d Like Me to Know About Zarfund?

Yeah, there are loads of stuffs you gotta know mate...

1.  There are only two bitcoin wallet providers Zarfund recommends. They are;
  • (available world-wide)
  • Coinbase (available only in the U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia and Singapore)

As for Where to buy bitcoin,... Here are some bitcoin exchangers that I personally recommend;

2.  You should upgrade to the next level the moment you are able to (even before the due date), so that you don’t miss out on subscription payments coming to you for those levels.

3. Your downlines can overtake you on the team! So, don’t allow that to happen (always upgrade your subscription when it’s due) – If you keep missing payments that is supposed to come to you, that’s bad.

4.  Bookmark this page. I’ll constantly be updating it with the latest Zarfund developments and tips!

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19 November, 2016

Bitcoin Price: Live Bitcoin Exchange Rate | 1 btc-to-USD

If you are a bitcoin enthusiast, whether you’re into mining, gambling, trading etc... Or even into bitcoin Multi-Level Marketing network programs like Zarfund or MMM United,... Knowing and keeping up-to-date with the current (real-time) bitcoin-to-dollar exchange rate, is crucial information; to help you make better buying and selling (investment) decisions.

btc exchange rate now

I have good news for you...

This blog has got you covered!

We have a plugin (widget), on our site; that gives you the Live rates of 1 bitcoin to U.S dollar.

  • Where to Locate the BTC-to-USD Plugin (Widget) on

If you’re browsing our site in Desktop mode, look at our (right-hand) sidebar. The bitcoin-to-dollar gadget, is easy to spot!

If you’re browsing our in the Mobile Web version,... Just keep scrolling down our page,... You’ll see the btc-to-USD live converter (as you scroll).

Note:  You’ll have to refresh the page, for minute-to-minute fluctuations.

  • How do I Convert from USD to my Local Currency?

We also got that covered!...

On our sidebar, you’ll also see a Live Currency-to-Currency Exchange rate Converter!

This means that, once you have checked the live BTC-to-Dollar rate from our sidebar,... You can then convert that USD value into our Live Currency-to-Currency Exchange Rate Converter; to convert to your country’s local currencies!

That widget, can convert from ANY currency to any other currency in the World!

  • The Live btc-to-usd converter, is powered by Cryptonator, is poised to serve all your bitcoin-related interests, and provide you with FREE information; that will make you grow your bitcoin passion!

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17 November, 2016

The Dangers of Reusing your Bitcoin Wallet Address | Worst Case Scenarios !

This Article, is Protected by International Copyright Law!... Any Unauthorized DUPLICATION, will be TAKEN-DOWN by Google!

The dangers of bitcoin wallet address reuse

By now, you should have already known /all there is to know about bitcoins.

You should also have known what a bitcoin address is.

Just to recap:
A bitcoin (wallet) address is a string of 26-35 alphanumeric characters that represent a destination for a bitcoin payment. Our bitcoin address, enable us to send and receive bitcoins.

Bitcoin addresses are case-sensitive! And, they exclude the uppercase letter “O”, Uppercase letter “I”, lowercase letter “I”, and the number “0”, are never used (in order to prevent visual ambiguity).


To the main topic of our post,... Here are the Rules and Regulations of the bitcoin address system. These will help you avoid any dangers.

Never Re-use the Same Bitcoin Wallet Address Multiple Times:

The bitcoin system, is a system that thrives on anonymity. Therefore, for each new transaction, you’re advised to /use a new bitcoin wallet address.

Though all the different addresses you generate, all point to your bitcoin account,... They have to be different because, your privacy needs to be protected (for security reasons).

Despite this rule (or best practice), many users still ignorantly reuse their bitcoin addresses.
Here are some of the ugly scenarios that may arise from this practice...

  • Privacy: Address reuse, harms the privacy of not only yourself, but also others – including many not related to the transaction!
When bitcoin addresses are re-used, they allow others to much more easily and reliably determine that the address being reused, is yours.

Each time the re-used address’s Private Key signs a fresh transaction, whoever receives it, can use the histories of that address, to discover information about you.

So take note, reusing a particular bitcoin address, is a privacy-decreasing action!

  • Trouble: Re-using a bitcoin address can indirectly land you in serious problem (through association).
People further on the address signing chain, could put you at risk if they spend their bitcoin on something that catches the attention of law enforcement agents. So, you might be indirectly implicated!

Also, if you are a retailer (seller) of some sort, you could be putting your customers at risk too; in the event any suspicion of economic activity vetting.

  • Haters: Re-using your bitcoins address, and exposing your identity, can create room from your haters and jealous third-party, to ascertain the amount of bitcoins you have in your wallet!
Such individuals will simply determine the dollar-equivalent of your bitcoins; and send kidnappers to grab your family members – Then, demand the exact amount as you have in your wallet; as ransom.
That’s a funny possibility!...

  • Confusion: Users who frequently see a re-used address, may incorrectly be led to believe they function similarly to wallets or bank accounts.

Let me make this clear...

There’s no such thing as, “an address balance” or, “a permanent wallet address”; because, these phrases will lead novices to believe that every bitcoin wallet is assigned only 1 permanent address (which is not true)!

  LEARN: How to Create/Generate a New Bitcoin Address

  • High Fees: People that reuse their addresses, get charged a lot higher fees because, the software that determines payment and available funds based on “address balance”, can cause loss through high fees.
If you are paid to an address in many small increments, you’ll pay a much higher transaction fee when redeeming those payments.

[Sad Fact]: Many bitcoin mining pools (e.g, Eligius), encourage or require address reuse. That’s bad... Stop that!


It is expected that, if you make 2500 bitcoin transactions in a year, you are expected to use 2500 different addresses to facilitate those transactions.

The question is, would you embrace anonymity and security?

Or, would you prefer to basically be holding an open briefcase filled with hard currency; in the middle of the road, with your name tag on?

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16 November, 2016

Top Bitcoin Affiliate Referral Programs - Earn Bitcoins

The recent boom in the number of bitcoin users now means that, more opportunities are available to make money with bitcoins!

How to make money with bitcoin

There are a number of bitcoin programs/services you could partner with and start earning affiliate commissions today (by referring new users to them). Some of such programs/services are;

Bitcoin online wallet providers, Bitcoin exchangers, Bitcoin trading programs, Bitcoin escrow services, Bitcoin mining programs, Bitcoin Hardware wallet providers, Bitcoin advertising services, Bitcoin casino and dice programs, Bitcoin loan services, Buy Gold with bitcoin services; and so on!...

So, if you’ve been wondering, ‘How do I get bitcoins?’, or ‘How to make money with bitcoin?’, I will list the best bitcoin affiliate programs out there; that you could try out.

Do however note that, I’ve excluded bitcoin bonus programs (such as MMM United), and also, bitcoin faucets.

How do I actually earn from such programs/services?

Most bitcoin affiliate programs pay their affiliates with bitcoins, and the revenue is usually paid in a cost per action business model (CPA) or revenue share (RS) model.

Some pay you as little as 0.15% commission, while others pay a handsome 50% commission.

[Note]: here are some countries that are excluded from using or becoming an affiliate on most of these programs. So,… do well to check whether are country is allowed to participate for the ones you’re interested in - So that, you don’t waste your time.

Alright, let’s get straight to the list…

Bitcoin Wallets Providers:

  • – Is the most loved, easy to use bitcoin wallet provider
  • Coinbase – it is the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet. Once your referrals deposits at least 100$, you will get $10.
  • BitWallet – an online bitcoin wallet and local trading platform gives 25% commission on trading fees.

Bitcoin Exchangers (Buy/Sell Bitcoins):

  • BitQuick – buy, sell bitcoin instantly for cash. Potential to earn 50% commission on each transaction.
  • CoinMama – buy bitcoins with credit card or Western Union. Get 3% for your referrals first purchase.
  • Coinbase – it is the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet and bitcoin buying service. Once your referrals deposits at least 100$, you will get $10.
  • 247exchange – buy bitcoins and other digital currency. You get 30% fee of your referrals transactions.
  • VirWox – a place where you can buy bitcoins with PayPal. You will receive 20% of commissions paid by your referrals.
  • LocalBitcoins – buy and sell bitcoins near you. You earn 20% commission on trading fees.
  • Cryptex24 – a fast and reliable exchange service. You get 10% of the commission charged to the referred client.
  • ALFACashier – buy, sell & exchange bitcoin instantly. You will earn from 5% to 20% of the amount of any exchange operation performed by the referred user.
  • CleverCoin – buy, sell and store bitcoins. You make a commission of 20% on all the transaction fees and it goes 3 levels deep.
  • Uphold – financial platform where you can exchange between different currencies and bitcoin. You can earn up to $30 for every friend you refer.
  • Coinomat – bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange service. Default revenue share is 0.3% of user input.
  • CoinCorner – buy bitcoin with credit and debit card. Earn up to 25% per user for their ongoing trading.
  • Multisigna – advertises itself as an anonymous exchange. Get 30% of our commission for each completed order.
  • Celery – Celery is your secure online wallet & exchange for bitcoin. For every friend who signs up and completes a purchase, they’ll give you both $10.00.
  • XMLGold – this market offers 10% of their profit if the visitor comes to the website through your link and makes an exchange.
  • – e-currency exchanger. You will get 10-20% of their profit.
  • BitPanda – bitcoin to PayPal exchange. You will receive a 5% bonus on the collected service fee.
  • AnycoinDirect – buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Share your referral link and receive 0.10% of the purchase in the form of credits.
  • Bitpagos – electronic payments provider for Latin America. Get 0.15% fee for every person you refer.
  • Bitit – buy bitcoins with gift card. Earn up to 20% of Bitit commission fee.
  • Coinmotion – when your friend registers and buys 0.5 bitcoin, you both get 0.01.
  • SpectroCoin – earn 10% from all fees paid by your referrals.
  • Indacoin – get 0.25% from every transaction when your referral buys bitcoin with cc without verification.
Bitcoin Trading Programs:

  • BitBay – trading platform – receive 20% of commission charged to the users as trading fees.
  • Bitfinex – bitcoin trading platform. You will earn 10% of the fees your affiliates generate.
  • Cryptotrader – automated cryptocurrency trading bot software. 10% referral commission.
  • Exmo – earn 25% of the commissions on exchange transactions.
  • – bitcoin marketplace. Get 10% provison of the marketplace fee, that is charged from the referred user.
  • QuadrigaCX – bitcoin trading platform. Referral program pays 10% of all fees generated by your referrals.
  • HitBTC – virtual currency exchange. Get 20%-40% of all fees generated by your referrals.
  • Cryptonit – trade cryptocurrencies. You will get 33% of the commission they charge a trader.
  • BitPlutos – trade cryptocurrencies. You will get 25% of the commission they make.
  • 1Broker – participate in real-world markets directly with bitcoins. You earn 15% of the commissions/spreads from referred traders.
  • FXopen – a trading platform that will pay commissions for your affiliates and sub-affiliates several levels deep.
  • DSX – a digital securities exchange that has two-tiered revenue share commission structure to reward affiliates.
  • 500affiliates – is the official partners program of Plus500™ bitcoin CFD trading platform.
  • AVA Trade – gain commission on every trader that signs up with your unique link.
  • BTC Robot – is analyzing the prices in bitcoin exchange marketplaces to find profit opportunities. Affiliate commissions: 50% on every sale.
  • The Rock Trading exchange offers 0.05% on each trade made by your referred users.
  • Bit4X – bitcoin forex trading. Get up to 50% of trading commissions from sign-ups.
  • Magnr – bitcoin trading and savings account. They will pay you 20% of all trade fee commissions they make during their first year.
  • BTCbear – an international digital currency and cryptocurrency trading platform. Get 40% of your referees trading fees.
  • Whaleclub – anonymous trading powered by bitcoin. Get 50% of all commissions generated by your user forever.
  • BitBays – bitcoin arbitrage trading and fund. Receive 40% bonus of invited friends’ transaction fees.

Bitcoin Escrow Services:

  • Escrow my Bits – simple escrow service. For each escrow transaction you refer they give you 20% of what they make.
  • StrongCoin – the only bitcoin wallet with escrow baked in. Get 50% of fees they collect.

Bitcoin Mining:

  • Genesis Mining – get upgrades just by inviting friends.
  • MinerGate – get up to 0.75% of your referrals profit.
  • NiceHash – get 0.15% of your referrals profit.
  • GigaHash – earn 5% in bitcoin by inviting your friends.
  • Eobot – earn 1% for every user who uses the software/miner and cloud.
  • Cloud Mining Website – get 5% of your referral orders.
  • SkyCoinLab – get 5% when your referrals purchase a contract.
  • HashFlare – the referral bonus is 10% of revenue from customers that you refer.
  • OXBTC – get 25% of your friend’s mining income in the first week.
  • MineOnCloud – get 1% reward for each order your friend place.

Bitcoin advertising services:

  • CoinURL – bitcoin related advertising network. You receive 5% from ad purchases and 1% of publisher earnings.
  • Adverti – another bitcoin advertising network. Get paid 50% of what they make from the advertisers you refer.
  • BitTeaser – blockchain based ad network. Get 10% from the budget of new advertiser/webmaster.
  • Anonymous Ads – an advertising network that doesn’t collect personal data. You receive 10% from ad purchases.
  • BitClix – 100% bitcoin ad network. Earn 20% of all earnings from every publisher you refer.
  • BitMedia – a niche platform that allows bitcoin resource owners to buy/sell thematic traffic. Earn 3-10% of the referred advertiser.
  • BlockAdz – bitcoin banner advertising. Earn 5% of all publisher revenue for life.
  • Eadsy – easy advertising. Get 5% of every advertising campaign.

Bitcoin Hardware Wallets:

  • Keepkey – a secure bitcoin wallet that is simple. Earn 10% commission on every sale you generate.
  • Trezor – bitcoin hardware wallet. Get 5%+ affiliate commissions.
  • Ledger Wallet – various hardware wallets. Earn 25% on each sale.

Bitcoin Casino and Dice:

  • mBitCasino – a place to play casino games with bitcoins. Payment to affiliates: 35%-50%.
  • Rollin – get 15% commission from every user, whether your players win or lose.
  • PrimeDice – you will forever receive 10% commission from every user you refer.
  • CakeBet – get 21% of the house edge for each bet your friend makes.
  • Anonibet – earn up to 1% with this bitcoin sportsbook and casino service.
  • DiceCoin – earn bitcoins by referring new players to dice. Regular affiliate commission is 10%.

Bitcoin loan Services:

  • BTCJam – earn up to $20 worth of bitcoin when referrals take out a loan or make an investment.
  • BitLendingClub – every time a person repays a loan you get 10% of the fees they collect.
  • BTCLend – you’ll get 0.5% of profit from your referrals.
  • BTCPop – earn 0.25-0.5% commission on all repaid loans.
  • BitBond – by referring new users you earn up to 50% fee.

Buy gold with bitcoin:

  • Goldmoney – buy gold with bitcoin. Get 0.1-4$ per new account.
  • Bitgild – buy physical gold with bitcoins. You get €3.00 for the first order and €1.00 for next orders.
  • Veldt Gold – online retailer of precious metals. Get $5 for any first sale and a fixed rate of 0.25% for all other sales.

Various bitcoin-related services:

  • and – anonymise your bitcoins. Receive 1/2 of fees they collect.
  • Jua – bitcoin savings account. You will be rewarded 0.1% interest of a person you refer.
  • HalleyBTC – bitcoin HYIP investment. Get 25% of your friend’s first week investment yields.
  • Bitconnect – bitcoin lending platform. Earn a commission every time your referral lends bitcoin on the platform.
  • e-coin – bitcoin debit card. Referral program is only available to users who own a card and they will share 10% of total gross margin with you on your referrals in the first year, and 5% thereafter.
  • Purse – offers buying bitcoins with gift cards and discount Amazon shopping. You and your friend will receive 0.01 BTC.
  • Cryptopay bitcoin debit card provider. You will get 10% revenue share on all the fees they charge.
  • store. 15% commission on all referrals for crypto merchandise.

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